How to align business and life? - 2 Live free Q&A Calls this week for all members

Everyone is invited!

I set up two free Q&A calls this week on how to align business and life. Helping you to get unstuck from whatever situation you are facing and moving quickly to making more informed decisions and finally breaking free of fear, beliefs or behaviour.


Because we all want emotional and financial freedom. We need to earn to support our lifestyle, we want to be happy doing so, feeling that there is some purpose and clarity to what we do each day and that changes over time.

More importantly we want to make sure that what we chose to do next is aligned to a mission which support us and that way we stay congruent with our intended outcome. We also don't repeat any past mistakes.

So come and join me 5pm EST Wednesday and Friday, 7am Sydney time this Thursday and Saturday - ask me anything from specific business strategy to relationships and everything in between.

The link is in the events tab and you can also use this -

See you then.





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