Founder of Force 5, a brand development and marketing communications company. I am a Certified Brand Strategist and love great creative.
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I've been a Process Control & Optimization Specialist for a large global technology company based in silicon valley. I'm now seeking a new path.
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I mentor coaches to build a 7 figure online business.
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Founder of Matech Network L.L.C, Engage and Elevate Agency, and Bulkwise.
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Iam a High Ticket 121 Coach; Helping Coaches to become a Peak Performer both in their business as well as kick ass in their personal Life.
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Dubai, UAE
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Coach and author
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Eren Eren Eren
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Driven by passion for growth and knowledge-sharing. Event Producer and Project Manager, I harness creativity to craft impactful experiences.
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Realizing potential through transformational change, one conversation at a time.
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Sydney & NY
CEO of 7 Mile Media. Over $10m per month in adspend across Meta/YT/Tik/Google. We treat your money like it's our own.
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Cayman Islands
Vitality Mentor - I help men over 40 reverse chronic symptoms by getting to the cause, optimise their bodies, energise & revitalise.
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Todos Santos, Baja
Help dentists get extra 15-30 leads per month for their dental clinic/practice using my Meta AIBoost Accelerator Or we work for free
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A leader, coach, entrepreneur, and registered pharmacist. My mission is to help people live live an abundant, fulfilled, and healthy life.
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Saskatoon, SK. Canada
Changing my mindset & creating positive change to influence my path in life
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Dentist, 1% for the Planet, conservationist, associate University Plymouth School of Biological and Marine Sciences, B4 Project CIC, Patagonia Pro.
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Previous corporate executive searching for "next" - too young to retire.
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Investor and trader
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Live love laugh
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An innovative thinker, striving to enjoy work life and work hard at creating a great home life. Enjoy reading, engaging with people and wine.
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I'm a peak performance coach. I help people achieve their best performances via fitness, nutrition (plant-based) and mindset training.
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I am the Coordinator / Manager of the Thamarrurr Men's Shed - Wadeye, NT. I am interested in fishing, walking within nature.
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I am taxi driver
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