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The Business of Life

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For entrepreneurs who want to be #1 in your field. High performance skills, tactics and strategy to help you master your mind, life and business.


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18 contributions to The Business of Life
Welcome Video Explainer - How to Best Use the Group
This walks you though how to use the group, everything from access to the courses, networking, Q&A calls to billing. 00:01 Introduction to the Business of Life 00:34 The Importance of Metrics, Systems, Processes, and Protocols 01:19 Accessing Full Training and Resources 02:21 The Free Mini Course: Four Pillars of Growth 03:40 Joining the Program and Accessing the 14-Day Free Trial
New mini course explaining the 4 pillars of growth
I just added a new video series showcasing the building blocks of the 4 pillars system. This is the framework that I use to help you achieve business mastery and the self awareness to let opportunities flow in your business and life. The system that gets you the mental, financial and emotional freedom we are all looking or as entrepreneurs and to clear those final blocks and limiting beliefs to our growth - moving from mission to outcome. You will also see I have added two weekly coaching calls and the price of the program is $47pm with 14 days free trial. I want to remove all barriers to entry and make sure that any business owner can have the information to improve your business and life. The masterminds for my 7 and 8 figure clients are where I spend most of my time, I know I will see some of you there as well. In the next couple of weeks I am going to move this group to paid only, for those of you have been in the mastermind that is included, same for my 1:1 clients. Though don't worry, you will get at least another 2 months to use this group for free, so please make the most of it. I have just unlocked the full course for all of you as well, let me know what you think and jump on those weekly calls. The purpose of this group, now it is paid, is to help you build out your businesses, for some of you that means moving from creative ideas to launching, and others may just want to drop in to ask question or gather insights. When you are ready to explore your business and life deeper then drop me a DM, or even better book a 15 minute intro call to see how I work and what is best to help you. speak soon.
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this mini series is in the classroom.
How to align business and life? - 2 Live free Q&A Calls this week for all members
Everyone is invited! I set up two free Q&A calls this week on how to align business and life. Helping you to get unstuck from whatever situation you are facing and moving quickly to making more informed decisions and finally breaking free of fear, beliefs or behaviour. Why? Because we all want emotional and financial freedom. We need to earn to support our lifestyle, we want to be happy doing so, feeling that there is some purpose and clarity to what we do each day and that changes over time. More importantly we want to make sure that what we chose to do next is aligned to a mission which support us and that way we stay congruent with our intended outcome. We also don't repeat any past mistakes. So come and join me 5pm EST Wednesday and Friday, 7am Sydney time this Thursday and Saturday - ask me anything from specific business strategy to relationships and everything in between. The link is in the events tab and you can also use this - See you then. thanks Ed
1 thing ad agencies won't tell you having spent over $1m on ads
Paid ads are not the silver bullet that almost every marketer spruiks to business owners, though there is definitely a place for them in your marketing stack. Over the past 10 years I have invested well over $500,000 on ads and before that I spent thousands a week before digital really kicked off. I say most agencies because people like @Aaron Parkinson has one of the best agencies on the planet, we have worked together for a while. He is one of the few that will tell you how it is, I have complete trust in his team and him. If you are in any of Cole Gordon's programs, you will know Aaron from running his ads calls. The main lesson is that if you want to grow a highly engaged, loyal audience who know like and trust you - there is really only one way. Produce organic content and build your audience. When that works then you use ads to amplify your message and drive conversions faster, at much less cost to a warm audience. That may take 1-2 years and for many people that is too far in the future so they don't invest. Yes there are methods of getting there faster, they require a complete commitment to a platform, you have to be a weapon at creating content and responding to it. It also depends on your aim - ie how quick do you want a business to support you financially, what are your short, medium and long terms goals. Everyone is different. Yes. There are plenty of insta famous marketers who say their account got up up very quickly, maybe in the old days though it is harder now, possibly with the exception of Tik Tok, or they had serious assets behind them. Ie large podcasts, books etc. They will not tell you this unless you do some digging. Why? Because otherwise they have nothing to sell. One thing I can pretty much guarantee is that they put in a huge amount of time to get there. If you want to take a deep dive listen to how Mr Beast built his platform, spending thousands of hours with his friends pouring over thumbnails and videos trying to identify virality. You can learn from him.
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@Aaron Parkinson thanks.
New Youtube video - How to Filter Business Opportunities
As your business grows you will be offered many different opportunities to invest in and expand. The question is how to know which ones to pursue without taking too much risk, stretching yourself too thin or falling victim to shiny object syndrome. Have a listen, leave any comments with your thoughts, if you like it then subscribe to the channels, share it so more people can benefit. thanks
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CEO - Business of Life. Advising 7 & 8 fig biz owners to align business with life, optimising for growth / exit. Mindset, Biz Strategy, Neuroscience.

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