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If you're a new member and DID NOT get instant access, read this...
If you have joined the $199 program and you don't have automatic access to the course please follow these steps: 1. Make sure you click the JOIN NOW button on the email invitation sent from the platform (crucial to get instant access) 2. Make sure you use the same email address used for purchasing 3. If you're still having issues, please email me at
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Join Slack!
Upon signing up, you should have received an invitation to our private Slack community. Up there you'll find daily discussions + ability to DM The Blueprint Team for whatever you need. The community section here is not in use. NOTE: If you are here through one of our free programs (The Agency Blueprint Book, The Agency Template Suite) you MUST join our paid programs to get access to Slack. You can sign up for Slack here:
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The Traffic Projection Tool
Build SEO forecasts in less than 1 minute. Get started here:
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We help agencies, consultants, and freelancers (basically, anybody who sells SEO as a service, or would like to) to scale to $100k/month.
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