When to launch your SaaS Product?
The topic of when to launch a SaaS product came up during our collaboration call on Thursday.
If you are a consultant, coach, or online expert selling an info-product, it would be beneficial to launch your SaaS product as soon as your info-product is validated.
Your info-product already has demand, and that's what you are trying to sell.
Your SaaS product exists to enhance your offer, reduce lead costs, and build a community rapidly - which are tangible benefits that can be realized from day one.
These benefits are unique to those who sell info-products. Most SaaS founders start with a goal of monetizing their product as soon as possible, but it takes several iterations to reach product/market fit.
Once you do, you'll have an incredible product - but you're in a different position.
Even when you give away your SaaS product for free, you still reap huge benefits because you have coaching, a mastermind, or other another kind of info-product to sell.
By developing a SaaS product that complements your Info-Product, you stand out in even the reddest of oceans.
And when you do reach product/market fit, you will have something that is even more powerful than your info-product, and incredibly scalable.
So to answer the question - I think you should launch when your info-product is ready, and you're looking to gain a competitive advantage.
Robert Boulos
When to launch your SaaS Product?
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