There is Power in Your Process
When you've been in business long enough, you have a specific way of doing things.
This might involve the way you run ads, or close deals, or capture leads, or spark interest, etc.
It's a process you created - which is why you know it works.
It stems from your experience, which is why hardly anyone would think of it.
Perhaps you currently perform that procedure manually, and it works well enough for you.
But if that process was turned into a digital product, could it help other people too?
For example, here's a website I came across:
This is a tool that helps you capture leads from documents that you send to people.
You can require emails to view your uploaded document, and see how many times those people visited the page.
If you uploaded a powerpoint, you can see how many slides they viewed, and gauge their interest.
This idea isn't something that would randomly come to mind while taking a shower.
An idea like this comes from experience - from someone who was sending out documents to prospects, and then realized they would like to know the metrics behind their efforts.
If you're scratching your own itch - then you already have one customer.
This likely indicates that thousands of others share the same need, providing the foundation for a unique and profitable micro-SaaS idea.
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