The Blueprint
There isn't really a 'blue-print' for becoming a SaaS Founder. Most people say: make your product fast and share it everywhere like Product Hunt, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
Unless your tool really puts out a fire on someones head, you probably have to beg for users. And nowadays, everyone's tired of paying monthly fees for software. Everything is another $XX/month. It's becoming overwhelming.
If you're bootstrapped, I don't think the move is to sell software on it's own. I think it's better to leverage it to build a community of fans.
My view? Offer (most of) the software for free. Build a loyal fanbase, then capitalize on the subsequent opportunities. Think consulting calls or having your team leverage the software to deliver DFY results.
The focus? Services complementing the software.
Once your software reaches PMF, you can then monetize it more independently if you want. And with a large group of users, you'd reach PMF more quickly.
This approach might be unconventional, but it's a fast track to a huge group of users. Imagine the opportunities you'd have with a group of 10,000 fans.
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