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I came across this website, and it stood out to me as an interesting example of a Tech Lead Magnet. offers a framework sales-training, and they are very systemized about it.
Part of their system is based around this free assessment software, which is a series of questions that tests your personality, and then outputs your strengths and weaknesses as a salesman.
As far as digital products go, it is very simple.
No one is going to pay to use this tool on it's own - but when combined with their core info-product, it becomes powerful. It can be leveraged to build your email list, and used to introduce prospects to the framework of your core offer.
This is a great example of how as a consultant, you can look at your existing offer, and see where a digital product can fit into your process. In this case, it fits in as a lead magnet, which complements the existing info-product which already has demand.
It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it serves as a powerful tool that your business can leverage in exchange for your visitors contact information.
Robert Boulos
Tech Lead Magnet Example ->
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