How To Build A SaaS Agency (Free Guide)
When you joined this group, the goal for many of you was to build and launch your own SaaS product. I share that same ambition, but speaking with you in the weekly calls has lead me to a realization. My success in SaaS wasn't found in creating my own product; but by creating the products and services that clients desire.
A Shift in Our Journey Together:
We're now embracing a slightly different, yet very powerful path - building a high-ticket development agency, mastering client acquisition, project management, and providing top-notch technical consulting.
Why This Matters
My own success has stemmed not from launching individual SaaS products, but from building custom solutions for clients and diving deep into technical consulting. This is where I, and many other successful agencies, have struck gold.
Selling the Shovel
In this era of a SaaS 'gold rush,' while many chase the dream of creating the next big SaaS, agencies have found success in providing the development – the 'shovel.' In any gold rush, those supplying the tools often reap the greatest rewards.
Introducing a SaaS Agency Guide
To complement our new direction, I'm developing a live, evolving SaaS Agency guide. This resource will grow in real-time, capturing the latest insights from our experiences. It's not just a guide; it's a shared journey of discovery and growth.
What This Means for You
Our guide will dive into this philosophy, teaching you how to be the indispensable provider in this tech era. We'll cover everything from client acquisition to high-value technical consulting – the skills that make you indispensable in the tech gold rush.
Building for Today, Preparing for Tomorrow
While our current focus is on client-based project delivery and consulting, the foundational skills you'll acquire here lay the groundwork for any future tech endeavors, including launching your own SaaS.
Your Role in Shaping Our Guide
Your engagement, feedback, and perspectives are crucial. This guide is a collaborative creation, shaped by our collective insights and experiences.
Join Me in This New Chapter
Whether you're a developer, a tech enthusiast, or an aspiring entrepreneur, there’s a valuable place for you in this journey. Let me show you selling the 'shovel' in tech can offer a more reliable and lucrative path than digging for gold.
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