Does your website copy matter?
If you had a pill that cured cancer, would your website copy matter?
Probably not.
Your website could say 'DON'T BUY FROM ME', and it would still be the number one website in the world.
Because your offer is what matters.
Of course, none of us have a product that good - so we can't be that bold.
Because people decide in two seconds whether they are staying, or leaving.
Like a deer in the forest, they've come for a sip of water at your pond.
If even a stick cracks, they will get spooked, and run away.
With testing, you can objectively find the right words that don't scare the deer.
Here's an example of a structure for testing paid ads:
Email Opt-In -> VSL Page -> Calendar Page
What you care about, is the percentage of people you get through each stage.
So if the % between Email Opt-in -> VSL Page is too low, you need to work on the Email Opt-in Page.
Is your ad too different from your Email Opt-in page? You got them to visit, but now they left.
What is scaring them away? You need to form a hypothesis, make a change, and test it.
If the % between VSL Page -> Calendar Page is too low, then what's wrong with your VSL?
Something on this page needs to change.
People made it this far, but you are losing them for a reason.
After that, if a high % is making it to your Calendar Page, but not enough are need to look at that page for the problem.
Are your survey questions scaring people away? Is asking for a phone number too much?
Through this, you will find the right words - from beginning to end.
Robert Boulos
Does your website copy matter?
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