Do as they did, not as they say.
Many of us listen closely to tech giants, hoping their advice will serve as our roadmap to success. However, their own paths don't always align with their current advice.
Elon Musk encourages founders to build ambitious companies that aim to save the world, yet he built his initial wealth with Zip2 and PayPal. Sam Altman speaks of building large teams that tackle hard problems over years, but he began with a mobile social product named Loopt. Peter Thiel questions the value of formal education, but he himself attended Stanford Law School.
Their advice is compelling, but their beginnings paint a different picture. They began with what was within reach, learned from those experiences, and then chased grander visions. Before basing decisions on their current opinions, it's essential to reflect on their entire journey. It's not solely about their present views but understanding the steps that led them there. By focusing on our unique paths and using insights from theirs, we can forge our own success.
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