ChatGPT Plugins Released
ChatGPT Plugins are set to 10X the capabilities of ChatGPT.
Here are the top 10 plugins that are particularly beneficial for business and professional use:
  1. Code Interpreter
This plugin empowers ChatGPT to generate Python code and manage files. Essentially, ChatGPT recognizes when a task requires code execution. The Code Interpreter enables it to create and execute that code, which is a significant advancement!
Use cases include Excel spreadsheet analysis, image manipulation, and much more!
  1. Zapier
Zapier provides connectivity to over 6,000 popular applications. Now, ChatGPT also has access to these applications.
Simply input a command in natural language, and the combined power of ChatGPT and Zapier will direct it to the appropriate application. The integration of Zapier AI significantly enhances the ChatGPT ecosystem, opening up numerous possibilities.
  1. Prompt Perfect
This innovative plugin enhances and optimizes your prompt without any extra effort on your part.
For instance, you could input a simple command like "Summarize the industry structure of the nutrition industry. Use Prompt Perfect.".
Prompt Perfect will then refine and expand your prompt to ensure optimal output.
  1. AskYourPDF / ChatWithPDF
These tools, which also function as standalone applications, can now be utilized within ChatGPT.
By pasting a link to an online PDF, you can interact with the document, requesting key points, summaries, and more.
  1. Noteable
Noteable is a tool that enables you to create data visualization and analysis notebooks directly within ChatGPT.
By pasting a data link and providing some context about your analysis objectives, Noteable will prepare a comprehensive analysis for you!
  1. Public / FiscalNote
While numerous news sources are developing plugins, we find Public and FiscalNote to be the most reliable for delivering high-quality, current news via a consistently functional plugin.
  1. Show Me
This is a diagramming plugin.
If you need to explain a process or map out a knowledge structure, Show Me can assist you.
  1. Link Reader
This handy utility allows ChatGPT to read various types of links, including webpages, PDFs, PPTs, Word documents, and more.
  1. Kraftful
Kraftful serves as a "product development coach".
You can use Kraftful within ChatGPT to ask questions about product development, source industry best practices, and receive feedback on your ongoing projects.
  1. Video Insights
This plugin extracts transcripts from YouTube or Dailymotion videos, which you can then utilize within ChatGPT.
This is particularly useful if you're trying to quickly watch a specific YouTube series and compile information!
Plugin access is being extended to Plus users this week.
To ensure access, navigate to your Settings page in ChatGPT, select Beta feature, and activate all buttons in that menu.
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ChatGPT Plugins Released
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