Jannai Ekpika
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IP Investor | Growth Strategist Turning your stuff into multiple new income streams 💰
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Miam, FL
Exploring AI and Automation to build cool workflow recipes 🤖
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United Kingdom
Yogi | Entrepreneur | Currently I am running service based business
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Webflow Webdesign aus NRW
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Guadeloupe, France
Building digital products. I like mountains and the sea.
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Hey there! Our development agency BMG.studio builds exclusively with Webflow, Wized & Xano for max quality and easy maintenance for our clients.
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Founder @ Aviation Hero
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Dortmund, Germany
Dropping dimes daily
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Tech Stack Architect
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On the mission to revolutionize the education system
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i am raj
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An SEO Strategist and consultant specializing in organic Youtube organic SEO, website optimization, traffic generation and entity SEO
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🧠 Founder @ TruPotential 📚 Powering Entrepreneurship With Science
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Cambridge, UK
CEO & Creative Head - Achaia Studio
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🧑🏻‍💻 Low Code Citizen Developer using the WWX Stack to build on the web 𝌡 Intuitive designer guiding seekers through change
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Full stack web developer. Entrepreneur.
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I help language learners become natively fluent with total confidence
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Co-Founder @ Sovo - AI Learning App. I love building AI-based educational apps, games and simulations using Flutter, Web Technologies and Unity.
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Want to learn how to sell High Ticket AI services to business owners? Join my FREE Skool group and learn how. You got this 💪👊
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Temple Georgia
I help medical practice owners build profitable practices without sacrificing their lifestyles.
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Chicago, IL
Simple person who loves life!
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Discord: [luisalistevera97] Email: [luisalisteveraapp@gmail.com]
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Creator of Elite Digitalist
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Toronto, Canada
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On a Journey
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I'm an app maker passionate about helping others achieve their goals and optimize their work and life through technology.
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Lisbon, Portugal
Helping mortgage lenders achieve 50 meetings per month consistently as an appointment setting agency.
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