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Weekly Coaching Call is happening in 6 days
Hey guys, I'm sure you've noticed the rebrand of the group. I've decided to niche down to what i'm REALLY REALLY good at, which is digital product business. Does that mean you cant be in the group anymore? Absolutely not. Will you still learn all the things you need for business? Yes. Can you still go to the coaching calls and ask non digital product business stuff? Hell yes. The reason why I rebranded and pivoted is because teaching what I'm not doing didn't feel right. Does that mean what I'm teaching doesn't work? Hell no, I've done what you're doing, I'm just not in it CURRENTLY. Anyway, that's all I had. Cheers guys
Help needed
I’ve been very ill and not even seen one call or anything due to being ill but could any one help me with how you make drill holes for hanging screws in a back of a design at all please sorry if this is not allowed please just remove thank you
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Pre supported minis (DND & RBG)
Hey everyone, I’m looking for some help here. I’ve been getting a lot more requests from potential customers for minis, themes, and terrains. Here is the issue, I am not a sculpter, designer, or table top gamer. Does anyone here do or know of any good subscriptions out there with pre supported models with commercial license? I do have a couple resin printers and just ordered the new elegoo Saturn 4 ultra to prepare to expand my business with these requests coming in. Thank you for your help. Thank you, Chris L. Twisted Prints 3D
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Affiliate Training
Hey guys! If you didn't yet know, I started my Nikko Indusries affiliate program. I pay 100% commissions on it. Yes you read that right, 100%. Why? Because I can get the membership on the back end, while helping you guys make money on the front end. Make sense? It's a HUGE win-win for everyone. Anyway, I created a training module specifically teaching you guys how I did it when I first started Nikko Industries. I made $50k my first year, $120k the next, and $250k+ the third year. Enjoy the training and I'll see you guys in the coaching calls!
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Added Coaching Calls
Hey guys! Just added a bunch of recorded coaching calls to the classroom If you can, PLEASE try to make the coaching calls. That's where you can really get the most out of this community. I can PERSONALLY help you with your business constraints and learn directly from others from what they're doing in their own business!
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