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Over the last 20 years, my wife and I have built a 7-figure commission real estate business. I credit much of our success to the consistent and effective use of a CRM.

Most agents do not use a CRM because they find them challenging to learn and cumbersome to use. Their hesitation usually stems from past experiences with complex systems or the daunting task of integrating a new tool into their daily routine.

In my opinion, leveraging a CRM is the most cost-effective method for generating leads. You may disagree, but my bank account will not let you change my mind.

A CRM not only aids in nurturing existing clients and motivating them to provide referrals but also plays a vital role in expanding your business. A well-implemented CRM system will automate many tasks, from lead generation to client follow-ups, making your day-to-day job more manageable and efficient.

In my career, I have used over a dozen different CRMs. Some were great, some were OK, and some were horrible. Some were intuitive, and others were impossible to follow. I wanted to create a system that worked how I worked, so in the summer of 2022, I contracted with a team of developers to create The RARE Agent CRM.

The RARE Agent CRM is more than just a database - it's a software solution. It will track your client relationships, nurture new leads, and generate referrals. It includes fresh monthly content and full access to me via this Mastermind community for round-the-clock support, training, and coaching that will teach you how to generate leads using the CRM.

This supportive ecosystem will ease the learning curve and empower you to harness its full capabilities and fuel your business growth.

Learn more about our CRM on the RARE Agent Website.


Paid members receive full access to message boards, Q&A sessions, and video training courses in the classroom.

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