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Saturday Live Stream is happening in 23 hours
Don't miss this workshop on Complex Patching!! 4/19/24
✅Registration link: 👈👈 Don't miss this workshop on Complex Patching!! 4/19/24 - 1:00 pm EST. - Patching transaction-type records (update them all as a whole or none at all) - Patching both the one and the many side of table relationships - Patching complex types - Patching with Lookups - Patching more than one values into one field - Patching many fields based on one field - Patching an entire table (or a filter into a field) - Bulk updates or inserts into a data source at once - Patching links to/from SharePoint document libraries - Batch imports from Excel 1️⃣ Unlimited Membership - Dive into all our workshops! Access live, past, and future on-demand sessions for just $147/mo. Perfect for the enthusiastic learner. Sign Up Now 2️⃣ All On-Demand Membership - Love learning at your own pace? Get all past and future workshops on-demand for $97/mo. (Excludes live workshops) Join Here 3️⃣ One Live Workshop - Experience the live interaction and learning for just a one-time fee of $47. Reserve Your Spot 4️⃣ Single On-Demand - Just want this workshop? Access it on-demand for only $25. Get It Here See the live stream notes on this leading up to this workshop! -
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Need access to a course/product you purchased?
We're in the process of moving away from software or platforms we have been using to new ones that serve you guys better. For example, this Skool community instead of the Facebook group and our Kartra system. If you have purchased anything, but aren't able to access to what you purchased over on the "Classroom" tab, please respond to this post here in the comments below, and I'll get you squared away as soon as I can. Thanks! Darren
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Personal Pocket Coaching - Look at these Topics
Check out all these topics that have been covered so far in the "Personal Pocket Coaching" program (see list at the bottom of this post)! What is it? They are bite-sized or "pocket-sized" Power Apps coaching videos delivered to your email in-box each and every day of the month! Can you imagine where you'll be in a year from now with these every day? For those who haven't joined yet, I'm extending the 50% offer for the New Year. If you want in on the discount, click on the link below before it expires! - Annual Plan: - Monthly Plan: If you do purchase the year up front, you save quite a bit and you get these bonuses: - The Ultimate JumpStart Kit (landscape, portrait, and modern versions) - this currently sells for $249 currently. - The Full Ticketing System Course (was sold for $999 in the past). This includes over 40 hours of instructional content on how to build a full ticketing system. It's also a great example of a medium sized application. - Full-hour tutoring session with both Kurt and Darren! $250 value.  NOTE: For those of you who are Accelerator students, you will receive 75% off. If you have any questions, email us at Here are the video topics listed out so far, easy to reference: - 2024/01/02 - #02 - Naming Variables - 2024/01/01 - #01 - New Years Resolutions App - 2023/12/31 - #31 - LookUp Function - 2023/12/30 - #30 - Your App: a DBMS - 2023/12/29 - #29 - Distinct Function - 2023/12/28 - #28 - Modern Progress Control - 2023/12/27 - #27 - Modern Link Control - 2023/12/26 - #26 - Modern Slider Control - 2023/12/25 - #25 - Modern Button Control - 2023/12/24 - #24 - Animation in Power Apps
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Workshop Vol 08: UI/UX Design
Direct any questions to Last chance to register for this afternoon's workshop:
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WORKSHOP: UI, UX, and Screen Design - Tues April 23rd, 2024
We will be moving this workshop to Tuesday afternoon - 1pm EST. I learned that Saturdays are not good for workshops! :) Workshop Registration Link: []( "")
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