Hi, I'm Will. I work full-time to support you in your Microsoft Fabric learning journey: through my YouTube channel and this free community on Skool.
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Joined Apr 12, 2024
I am a Power Platform Learner, just getting started in Power Platform. I have little coding experience but have enjoyed learning a new skill.
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Joined Sep 28, 2023
Dallas, Texas
Lifelong learner who wants to improve m organizations everyday process to make us more efficient at a lower cost than many of our outdated methods.
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Joined Apr 10, 2024
Fledgling Power Apps builder looking to expand my knowledge base.
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Joined Oct 14, 2023
Myrtle Beach, SC
PowerApps Developer
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Joined Oct 24, 2023
Digital Careers Transformation Coach, Co-Founder @Clap Academy. Helped > 700 people transform their careers. Passionate about seeing people succeed.
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Joined Dec 27, 2023
London, United Kingdom
Data Engineer. More to come
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Joined Apr 3, 2024
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Joined Mar 6, 2024
Learning Power Apps. No coding experience. Wish me luck
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Joined Jan 18, 2024
I'm curious and I'm starting to approach the world of PowerApps.
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Joined Mar 6, 2024
IT sql developer becoming a power apps developer.
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Joined Feb 17, 2024
IT Systems Analyst for a non-profit. Love working with Power Apps.
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Joined Jul 21, 2023
Love to learn powerapps
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Joined Dec 22, 2023
I’m an Accountant by trade but have also worked in IT all my career. Historically used MS Access but have now discovered Power Apps.
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Joined Jul 7, 2023
Teesside, United Kingdom
Life-Long-Learner! I have many interests, love learning new things, and meeting people with similar enthusiasm. Weekends - garden and landscape design
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Joined Jan 4, 2024
Cincinnati, OH
Futue power platform consultant
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Joined Feb 29, 2024
Power platform
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Joined Apr 18, 2024
A digital transformation specialist with extensive experience building enterprise applications. Passionate about using data and ai to solve problems.
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Joined Apr 14, 2024
Beginner to Power Apps. Happy to connect with fellow learners.
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Joined Apr 18, 2024
66 year old retired, looking for fun stuff like Power Apps.
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Joined Jul 7, 2023
Just trying to learn how to be my own IT support and software developer.
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Joined Oct 29, 2023
New Hampshire
Here to learn
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Joined Apr 19, 2024
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Joined Apr 16, 2024
Technology enthusiast, love outdoorsy things, sport (soccer, cricket rugby)
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Joined Jun 29, 2023
Power apps dev
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Joined Apr 19, 2024
web developer, powerapps developer, and image developer using photoshop
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Joined Jan 15, 2024
vendor admin - previous background in IT.
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Joined Apr 15, 2024
I am a US Navy civilian employee at Navy Region Southwest, working in facilities support and utilities.
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Joined Aug 28, 2023
Im studying to get the Power Platform certification
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Joined Mar 9, 2024
More to come!
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Joined Jun 14, 2023
Odessa, MO
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