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All Pricing Options for All Workshops (now and in the future)
I wanted to save you guys money any way I could, but Kurt told me it was a little complicated, so I created a whole mind map about it here: 🔗 ⬅️ Please post your questions below! 😎👍👍 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🔴NOTE: We will cancel the one for today since this was too short of a notice. I apologize, guys! We'll do the SQL Server Stored Procedure workshop next Friday! ⬆️⬆️⬆️
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Have a question? Stuck? Need support?
If any of you have a question, or if you're stuck, have a video idea, or need support, here are the best ways to get help: 1 - Search here on Skool to see if an answer has been provided in the past. As time goes on, the questions and answers will grow to be quite the helpful knowledgebase. 2 - Post here in Skool: Chances are, others here in the group may benefit from any answers or interactions here in Skool in this "Community" tab. You and your fellow students can search here on Skool to see if any others have had a similar question and thus, see the answer or resolution. 3 - If you feel that what you need help with just isn't appropriate for the whole group, feel free to email us at 4 - If you need some serious help, book a call with us:
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Need access to a course/product you purchased?
We're in the process of moving away from software or platforms we have been using to new ones that serve you guys better. For example, this Skool community instead of the Facebook group and our Kartra system. If you have purchased anything, but aren't able to access to what you purchased over on the "Classroom" tab, please respond to this post here in the comments below, and I'll get you squared away as soon as I can. Thanks! Darren
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Wow... this is a new way to work in Power Apps!
I tried out @Kurt Larson's monitor and look how he works... just look at it!! 👓🕶️
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License question
I have a question regarding end user using an app. Assuming I am a maker with e premium license. I create a Canvas app in my dev environment in a solution. The canvas app is using only standard connectors with Sharepoint. I can do this in a solution, because I have the premium license, and I need to use a solution to move this with a pipeline into a production environment. Now I am moving this app into a production environment (not the default environment) using an ALM pipeline. Can I share only the canvas app with a user who only have the MS 365 Power Apps license from within the production environment? In my opinion yes - but I had a discussion with someone, questioning this. More or less - is it enough as a maker to have a premium license to use solutions and environments, but can still the end user be on a MS 365 license?
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