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Power apps Quiz
Hello everybody , I wanna know if LEARN POWER Apps offer some kind of QUIZ or TEST to determine Levels ? Just curious
Powerapps environment setup
I've been in the corp world but now I'm wondering how to make powerapps in my world. What setup do you have that you build powerapps for a client?
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What Industry Do you Guys Work In?
I want to cater to my target audience's specific industries. Which are you in? For me, it is Information Technology, but I can't assume everyone comes from IT. Please share!
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Practical Labs & Exercises (Preview)
As a new Power Apps developer, I got soooooo much out of Kurt Larson's excellent teaching in the Practical Labs & Exercises (Preview) course. Is there more of the course somewhere?
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The Next Workshop (April 19th) Will Be On....
What you guys chose! You can decide the topics of upcoming workshops. Please do participate in the poll and see the next 10 topics we’re considering to offer: - - Or, use the QR code provided below. Whichever is easiest. - You can order the 10 topics in the order of interest! NOTE: this week's workshop will be held on Saturday at 11am EST and will be on UI/UX Screen Design. But, almost all other workshops will continue to be on Friday at 1pm EST. 1️⃣ Unlimited Membership - Dive into all our workshops! Access live, past, and future on-demand sessions for just $147/mo. Perfect for the enthusiastic learner. Sign Up Now 2️⃣ All On-Demand Membership - Love learning at your own pace? Get all past and future workshops on-demand for $97/mo. (Excludes live workshops) Join Here 3️⃣ One Live Workshop - Experience the live interaction and learning for just a one-time fee of $47. Reserve Your Spot 4️⃣ Single On-Demand - Just want this workshop? Access it on-demand for only $25. Get It Here
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