License question
I have a question regarding end user using an app. Assuming I am a maker with e premium license. I create a Canvas app in my dev environment in a solution. The canvas app is using only standard connectors with Sharepoint. I can do this in a solution, because I have the premium license, and I need to use a solution to move this with a pipeline into a production environment.
Now I am moving this app into a production environment (not the default environment) (not using an ALM pipeline as this would require a managed environment and this would require a premium license of all user - just realized - I think the ALM Accelerator could be used in this scenario) _ so assume the app is moved by hand to the production environment.
Can I share only the canvas app with a user who only have the MS 365 Power Apps license from within the production environment?
In my opinion yes - but I had a discussion with someone, questioning this.
More or less - is it enough as a maker to have a premium license to use solutions and environments, but can still the end user be on a MS 365 license?
Marcus Schürstedt
License question
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