Doing videos for my Soulful Alignment Hub (SAH) skool
I work 2 contract jobs (I'm just finishing up one contract which will allow for more time) and scheduled off tomorrow to do videos. Well I wanted to grab paint and paint the kitchen cupboards instead. I decided I just need to harness my wonderful ADHD tendencies and just do a skool group. HAHA
So I wanted to ask would you prefer to watch one 10 minute video or 5 2 minute videos? What would give you more of a dopamine hit/satisfactory of completing?
Because SAH is about holistic healing and energy healing - there would be activities to complete. So in a 10 minute video I would have pause this video and I'll be waiting for you, where in the 2 minute videos would end with the 'homework' assignment.
Welcome and Introduction to Module 1: "Embrace Your Energetic Reset"
1. Power of Holistic Wellness & Energy (2 mins):
  • Explanation of holistic wellness and its benefits
  • Discuss the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit
  • Importance of nurturing each aspect for overall well-being
  • Homework: Visualization exercise to feel the flow of energy through the body
2. Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection (2 mins):
  • Explanation of mind-body-spirit connection
  • How thoughts and emotions affect physical health
  • Techniques to align thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations
  • Homework: Heartactivated breathing
3. Techniques for Clearing and Revitalization (3 mins):
  • Introduction to various modalities for energy clearing and revitalization Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping and Breathwork exercises
  • Homework of a simple EFT Tapping routine for stress relief
4. Setting Clear Intentions and Goals (2 mins):
  • Importance of setting clear intentions for health and wellness
  • Tips for setting achievable goals
  • Example: Guided visualization for setting intentions
  • Encouragement to journal about intentions and goals for self-reflection
  • Homework: Guided experience with the angels
Tanner Myrfield Wolfe
Doing videos for my Soulful Alignment Hub (SAH) skool
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