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Hello and welcome to Nomad School! 🌏 Our mission is to provide support for those committed to earning an online income, gaining more freedom, and achieving location independence. Who this community is for: ✅ Those who are looking to learn skills or strategies for making money online. ✅ Those who are struggling with mental roadblocks. ✅ Those who are seeking a community for advice and accountability. Who this group isn't for: ❌ Those seeking advice on visas, immigration procedures, or legal matters. ❌ Those looking for financial or tax advice. ❌ Those who are looking for a platform to promote their own products or services. Step 1: Make sure to check out the following links: 📜 Our Community Rules and Guidelines 🧠 Free Digital Nomad Mindset Training 📚 The Digital Nomad Framework Step 2: Dive in. Start with these popular threads: 📍 Where are you at on your journey right now? 🛠️ What skills do you have that could be of benefit to others in the group? 🌍 What country are you staying right now? Step 3: Give feedback on what you need help with: 😤 What is your biggest frustration in achieving location independence? 🔥 What drives you to want to become a digital nomad? 🚫 What's stopping you from starting an online business? If you're only here to observe and not contribute, you will be removed after 30 days of inactivity.
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Which of these three quotes is your favourite?
Here are three of my favourite quotes that I feel embody the desire to be location independent and free! Which is your favourite? Feel free to share any good ones you have in the comments 👇🏻
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Who to teach online? The lowdown (if you're into teaching online!)
My diary is full, and I am now well on the way to being free, the shackles are off and collecting dust, yet I still have 3 months of contractual commitment at the University. Still I am able to fit all enquiries into my schedule, the wife says to rest, I say I will take as many as I can! We know some students will drop off as they achieve their goals (IELTS), and more will join. I have 11 paying students, 4 middle school, 1 business woman, and the rest are university students all wanting to apply for higher education in the west. From a financial point of view, IELT teaching and preparation, IELTS stands for international English language testing system, is where the good hourly rate is. My wife made a couple of calls to local training centres to compare prices, they charge anywhere from 350 RMB to 600 RMB, some charge 900 RMB for a crash course (300 rmb= £32=$41). When I started I was charging 150rmb per hour, offering discounts to get the students on board, now I charge 280RMB an hour, and they do not blink to pay that! The middle school kids are also a good earner if you group them in groups of 4 or 5, where I charge 125 per student per hour. I will give up the middle school and focus on IELTS, and either my hourly rate will go up, or my teaching hour is reduce to 45-50 minutes........ There is plenty of students needing IELTS.........
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Hello All from newcomer!
Hi guys, I'm Greg from Melbourne. First post although signed up a while ago. Would love to live the digital nomad life or just retire early... but no idea how to do so... maybe I can get some ideas from the experts here! Thanks again.
Upskilling; Which 'remote' skillsets are most in-demand?
Hi guys. I am considering applying for work as a UI designer, or UX designer. I applied for some of these jobs in the past, but I didn't get any joy. I recall being being tripped up in an interview with some nuanced tech questions to do with @media break points (min-width vs max-width) and page loading speed. I can work with HMTL and CSS. My weakness is Javascript, but I will learn it, IF... it's worth the time investment. Before I start upskilling, going on potentially expensive Front End Engineer training courses, I wanted to test the water to see if freelancers/workers with this skillset are already oversaturated. I was going to just ask about UI/UX design opportunities... but i think it would be more helpful to ask a much broader question... to work out which 'remote work' skills are the most 'IN DEMAND'. Please can you complete the Poll below? ... Thank you :)
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