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After finding Mike I started working on my Skool Group - first post on that group was 27 days ago. MRR is $5,220 a month and I’m about a month and some change in. Just want to make this post to thank Mike and to let everyone know it can be done.
I’ve also got another 99 members on a free trial I’m about to charge them the $29 a month - I’m thinking at least 25-50 people will stay (hopefully much more).
My goal for the end of the year is to have at least 500-650 members in the group. At this rate I can hopefully crush those numbers and maybe hit 1000+ members. We’ll see how life goes and what God wants to do.
Haven’t build my offer yet for my coaching and courses, going to work on that soon and see where I go. Thanks again Mike and to God.
Cristian Yanez
Skool Group
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