🚨 POLL: What's Your Biggest Fear About Entrepreneurship?
Hey MAKEONCE Community! 🚀
As we journey through the entrepreneurial landscape together, I want to tap into the collective mind of this amazing community.
We all have our moments of doubt and fear, and it's okay.
Understanding these fears helps us create better content, courses, and support systems to help you conquer them.
So, let's get real for a moment: What's your biggest fear when it comes to entrepreneurship?
Your responses will guide us in tailoring our resources to better suit your needs.
Let's tackle these fears together! 💪
Drop your thoughts in the poll below or feel free to share in the comments if your fear isn't listed.
Your input is invaluable!
Use the Poll Questions below to respond!
Remember, in our community, every fear acknowledged is a step towards overcoming it.
Together, we can transform these fears into stepping stones for success.
To your fearless journey,
PS: Complete this poll and share what you're doing to overcome that fear.
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Fear of Failure: Are you worried about your venture not succeeding?
Financial Insecurity: Does the unpredictability of income keep you up at night?
Lack of Knowledge/Expertise: Do you feel you don’t know enough to start or grow your business?
Overwhelm with Responsibilities: Does the thought of managing all aspects of a business intimidate you?
Impostor Syndrome: Do you doubt your abilities and fear being 'exposed' as not good enough?
Market Saturation: Are you concerned about standing out in a crowded market?
Balancing Business and Personal Life: Do you fear losing the work-life balance?
Scaling Challenges: Worried about how to grow your business effectively?
Other: Please share your unique concerns in the comments.
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Mike Gowans
🚨 POLL: What's Your Biggest Fear About Entrepreneurship?
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