Just BE you…
While watching the live on Tik Tok today, I heard Mike say something that resonated with me and helped me realize that there is ZERO reason to put your goals and dreams on hold because of the dozens of false narratives you’re telling yourself
You’re worried about what people might think or say…
If you just BE you - you’ll build your community of people who connect with you while the rest weed themselves out
On the surface that might sound a lot like ‘rejection’ but when you frame it in a way that it’s exposing those who aren’t a good fit for your community - that’s a positive, not a negative
Funny, that you can spend years (like I have) ruminating over the voices of fear and doubt and staying stuck, until one day you stumble across someone like Mike and it just clicks
👊💯 Mike is the Man!
Shad Drury
Just BE you…
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