Careful What You Say
Hi there! I learned some very valuable pieces of information this morning regarding posting on TikTok. First, before you go Live you need to hit the Settings icon to then toggle on the "Audience controls" option to make it for over 18, and then also click on "Content disclosure" and turn that ON because that will protect you with disclaimers that you are promoting something.
Second - we CANNOT make any declarative statements about how much money people can make (which we hear people in our community do all the time because it's what we're being taught), but we shouldn't be making statements like "earn $900 a day" because the Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on TikTok, so TT is cracking down on it's users. We can share what we've earned or the story of someone else, and can share what MIGHT be possible, but it's important to be clear that there are no guarantees and what the viewer/listener could or might earn will vary and is totally dependent on them. I'm calling this a WIN because this will protect all of us!!! :)
Jessica Elliott
Careful What You Say
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