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My First Small Eureka!
I, as a newbie, was viewing the masterclass "What Is A Miracle?," and was passing over the part that it is more arrogant to see yourself as separate than as truly Christ, almost a separate God from the creator. Something in it hit me when I was in mid-questioning of myself, the Course, the Creator, A calming thought stuck me, "Why would an all-knowing God create, even as a fractal of Himself, me, if I was something that he knew would be an eternally disastrous part of His experiment?" Even with my own messes I create in front of the world, I try to re-mold them into something with an ounce of good. So, why wouldn't He do the same instead of casting me and others to eternal damnation and thus declare His imperfection?
Chip Rice
My First Small Eureka!
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