The truth about cold email results
Cold email lead generation, just like any other form of marketing, has a lag when it comes to results. It’s not an overnight success from when you start campaigns.
Cold email is very slow to start since you first have to “warm up” the new email accounts for 14 days, then you need to start slow with sending 5 emails per day per email account, ramping up little by little every week until you reach 30 emails per day per email account.
Also, most cold email replies come from follow ups, which drip out over the course of 30 days after the prospect receives the first email in your pre-written sequence.
And even when they do reply, they don’t book a call right away.
Sometimes, it takes dozens of follow up emails over the course of days, or weeks, and sometimes even months to convert a positive reply to a call on your calendar.
And lastly, after working with over 1,000 B2B businesses to do cold email lead generation for them, we learned the average length of the sales process for leads from cold email is at least 30 days.
Meaning from the day the call booked from cold email actually happens, if it were to result in a deal closed, it would take around 30 days for it to actually close.
So all in all, you must be patient with results.
If you're banking on getting results early on, you risk not being able to maintain a cold email lead generation system which is unfortunate for you since you did most of the heavy lifting in the first 30 days and because you quit right before it was about to get good.
Anyways, the actual KPIs to track are open rate (70%), reply rate (5%), positive reply rate (10%), call booked rate (30%), and close rate (20%).
With these stats, if you reach out to 10,000 new leads per month, you should be able to book 10 calls and you should be able to close at least 2 of them.
Other KPIs to track would be “time to response” which is how long it takes for you to reply back to positive replies. This will directly impact the “call booked rate” KPI.
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Andre Haykal Jr
The truth about cold email results
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