Steal ListKit's cold email strategy
Every single time I get asked...
"What cold email strategy should I test? I just can't seem to get results... Nothing is working."
My answer is always the same.
Give away a free lead magnet.
And no, not some templated PDF guide you threw together in 15 minutes.
Make the lead magnet personalized, and make sure it's actually valuable.
We've used the "50 free leads" lead magnet for ListKit's cold email campaigns...
Over, and over, and over, and over, again.
I think we've sent out more than 2,000 "50 free leads" spreadsheets at this point.
If you're confident in the product or service you're offering, offering a free lead magnet is a no brainer.
Think about it like this:
Without a lead magnet, you're operating on a perfectly level playing field with everyone else in your prospects' inbox.
Even if you're a far superior service provider...
In the prospects' eyes, you're just as good as the next person in their inbox.
A valuable lead magnet gives you a massively unfair advantage, and you'll start converting sales calls and closed deals much easier.
Here's the easiest way to create a valuable lead magnet:
  • Map out every part of your service
  • Figure out which parts can be turned into a "sample" for prospects
  • Turn the most repeatable, efficient one into your lead magnet
A few great examples:
  • Free Klaviyo email design 
  • Free short-form video clip
  • 50 free B2B email leads 
  • One SEO-optimized blog
  • One Facebook ad creative 
Christian Bonnier
Steal ListKit's cold email strategy
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