ListKit <> Zapier integration is LIVE
ListKit's Zapier integration is now LIVE!
Here are the supported trigger steps inside ListKit:
  • Email Order Completed: Triggers when an email order is completed.
  • Verifier Order Completed: Triggers when a verifier order is completed.
In simple terms, once your email or verification order is ready, you can trigger a Zap that'll automatically send your leads to another platform like Hubspot, Salesforce, Instantly, and more!
For example, let's say you build a list of marketing agency owners for an Instantly campaign...
Now you can send those leads directly to Instantly with a simple Zap!
No more dealing with spreadsheets.
Or, let's say you want to enrich some CRM data with our Email Verifier...
Once the verification is done, the valid emails will be zapped right back to your CRM hands-free.
Pretty cool, right?
You can read more about this massive product update here:
Happy Prospecting!
Andre & The ListKit Team
Andre Haykal Jr
ListKit <> Zapier integration is LIVE
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