$5,000 Mastermind event for FREE
We recently hosted a Mastermind event for our coaching program, Client Ascension...
People from around the world were in attendance, paying $5k for a ticket to attend 💰
At the event, one of our cold email expert coaches, , gave a presentation on "Cold Email Strategies That Convert in 2024" so much so, they have produced 1,276 calls booked so far! 🤯
He went in depth on all the campaign strategies that are currently booking calls for him and his clients:
  • Industry Campaign
  • Linkedin Company Follower Campaign
  • Technology Usage Campaign
  • Social Media Follower Campaign
  • White Label/Partner Campaign
  • Location Campaign
  • Hiring Campaign
We truly want every single user of ListKit to get the best results possible with cold email, so we're making this presentation available to you for FREE 🫶
Happy Prospecting!
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Andre Haykal Jr
$5,000 Mastermind event for FREE
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