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This agent made $30k with YouTube...
This is EXACTLY how Jay Li is going to make $30,000 in 4 months thanks to a $1.4M listing he got with YouTube Ads in Vaughan, Ontario inside the Listing Accelerator. 🎉 Here are the numbers: - $4,000 spent - 34 leads - 3 listing appointments - 1 listings - $30,000 commission - 7x ROAS (Return on ad spend) Hats off to Jay for sticking with it and putting in the work, it's paying off and it's only the first one... many more to come 💪
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I booked 7 meetings since I launched the ads😁
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Got This $4M Seller With YouTube Ads! Here's How...
I Generated This $4M Seller Lead With YouTube Ads In Just A Few Days After Launching It! We created a 30 second long ad, offered a valuable lead magnet and showed it SPECIFICALLY to high-end sellers in my client's neighborhood. If you’d like the exact playbook on what we did to get this seller, comment below the word “Luxury” now and I'll send it over!
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To Success!🥂
@Benjamin Reynoso: You are a true example of what a persistent & dedicated entreprenuer looks like. Truly trusting the process and sticking to the plan. Most agents don't hold themselves accountable to the process and give up. However, the action-takers are the decision makers in this industry. Always a pleasure to stay connected with a like-minded agent🫱🏼‍🫲🏼 Also, shoutout to the man behind all this success @Chun Eu Man, You're the goat!🐐🔥 Timeline: 27 days Acquired Listing: $1.5M+ Luxury Listing in Kew Gardens, NY🏢 When it rains, it's pours! More to come!🥂🎉
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How Brooks Got A $570k Listing With YouTube Ads!! 🎉
Shoutout to our private client Brooks for following the process and building a listing acquisition system! 🏠 More to come for you Brooks! 🥳 Just trust the process guys and you’ll get there 🙏
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