Coming to Dubai? Here’s just some of the content you can get.
See lots of people travelling to Dubai, so put together a little list of shots you can get.
It’s really a perfect place to fix your instagram quickly, because Dubai was literally built for Instagram. You know that famous blue bridge? It serves no real purpose.
So, let’s jump right into it.
  • Meydan Bridge. The staple for “habibi, come to dubai” reels and captions. Rent a Geländewagen, Lambo or Rolls, and hit up the desert while you’re at it. If you need recommendations for good car rental companies, tap that dm button.
  • Palm Jumeirah. Plenty of hotels to shoot at here, for example influencer heavy Five (boob jobs, british bitcoin geezers and working ladies in excess). Just need to know your way around security and management, or get permits beforehand (and that’s really for shooting anywhere in public or at any hotel in Dubai). Also some beaches on the palm.
  • Marina. Boardwalk if you’re not staying in Marina. But if you’re staying at a hotel there or have a friend who can let you in, you can get photos that show more access to scarce resources.
  • Downtown. Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest tower and popular backdrop. Plenty of restaurants with a view of it, one being Urla.
  • Yacht. Renting a yacht is popular when first coming to Dubai. It’s a fun experience, but not a necessary one content wise.
  • Desert. Come take a ride on my camel. Any desert safari should do to get the essential dune sunset shot.
  • Don’t bring your drone. Radar in all of UAE, and they may shoot it down with emp. And now your drone won’t function anymore, anywhere. The fine is also up to 500k AED ($150k USD).
  • Dubai isn’t as strict as it may seem. Just respect their religion, avoid nudity, and don’t walk around shitfaced. Apart from that, it feels pretty much like the US — just with lots of shawarmas, kababs and russians.
Live here in Dubai now, so If you ever come or plan to come, dm "habibi" on ig -
Vilhelm Berninger
Coming to Dubai? Here’s just some of the content you can get.
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