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Welcome to Hey Shoo WOW Awakening led by Lauren Kinghorn.
Super excited to meet you. 🙌
Let's fill with the world with light ✨️, love ❤️, joy 😁 and peace✌️by remembering who we really are.
Let's get Hey Shoo WOW! ✨️🎉✨️
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Hey Shoo WOW Hero's Journey
In this course, I'll deliver a Meditation and Masterclass on the 3 phases and 12 stages of the Hey Shoo WOW Hero's Journey.
  1. Hey = Awakening = Stages 1 to 4
  2. Shoo = Adventure = Stages 5 to 8
  3. WOW = Actualize = Stages 9 to 12
And then we'll play with some cool techniques to help you navigate your journey.
We will use empowering questions to rev up our vibration.
We will do Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear unwanted emotions in the fastest possible way and Rescripting to shift our identity so we can bring our desires to us faster.
We will use the magical power of gratitude to transform the way we see the world.
Who's ready to play? ✨️🎊✨️
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Hey Shoo WOW Awakening
Welcome to Hey Shoo WOW Awakening, a free Community led by Lauren Kinghorn to share our inner light, love and joy. Let's get Hey Shoo WOW!!
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