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🔵 Instead of Introduction Posts, Do This!
This is incredible, we've had over 217+ people join the first hour 👊🏼 With this excitement comes a lot of spammers as well, and I haven't worked on this game for months to allow them to ruin your experience. We're only allowing high quality content to live in this community, and you'll be rewarded with likes, comments and engagement from myself on your best posts. I'll even pin the top ones where you share golden gems you're learning in your business journey. Remember, you ascend the levels of the community by earning engagement points so your content HAVE to be good for you to level up. Level 2 already you're getting another free module. And here's the best part. In 30 days from todays opening, we're giving away a $1,000 cash prize + 1 hour business coaching session with me and we'll record the entire call so everyone here can benefit from it. The person with the most engagement in the community in 30 days is the winner. No lottery or drawing, just data from the Skool analytics, so everyone can win. On the other hand, your half-*assed posts that doesn't ADD anything of value WILL get deleted, so we don't get 100's of posts with introductions. So here's the rules of posting in the community: 1. Only post quality content to increase engagement by the community 2. Like + comment on the best posts you see, as you also get points by engaging 3. Win $1k + 1 on 1 business coaching from Gusten by leading the leaderboard in 30 days That's it. Spam or posts with bad English will get deleted, nothing personal. It's the only way to keep the quality high. Happy to help with your copywriting in my DM's, I'm here to make you better so you can build a life you're proud of. That means improving in all areas of life. And before you dive into the free course, WELCOME to the best community in the space. I'm grateful to have you and won't waste your time. Much love, - G
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