Two Building and Audience Building Events next Week
We had a great start with Pitch Fest event on Tuesday. And I have two more great events to invite you to next week!
⭐ 1) The Future of Blogging Summit (11-15 September)
Did you know that:
* 77% of people regularly read blogs online? and
* 61% of online users say they have made a purchase after reading a blog post?
There is clearly still a lot of power in this marketing tool!
Discover exactly how to start and grow a successful blog that builds your business and brand during the Future of Blogging Summit.
I'll be there speaking about how to create clients through your blog, and how to use it as a powerful part of your sales strategy. Don't miss that session! And I'll be joined by 20 other leading marketing experts.
⭐ 2) Create Extraordinary Community-Building Events
(11-14 September)
When you find the right platform and tribe for your message, you can create an unparalleled opportunity to generate value, build your brand and grow your audience and customer-base.
But there are so many questions as to how building the right community, the right way, in the right place.
This summit aims to answer them all!
I'll be sharing how you can communicate your true value to your community with authenticity, and there will be a dozen other thought leaders sharing their insights and expertise.
Each event shares valuable insights and advice to help you grow your audience and business. BUT...
👉 TIP: How to get all the value without over investing your time and energy
I'm aware that with events of this kind, there are a LOT of sessions and it's not possible to attend them all.
So here's my advice: register for the events, but before looking at what sessions are on offer, think back to your business and personal development priorities between now and the end of the year.
Then, only tune in for those sessions that relate to those topics.
IF there are more than three sessions in a summit that sound relevant and helpful for you - then sign up for the all access pass.
These are very low cost right now, and will enable you to benefit from the wisdom in every session, at your leisure (just be sure to schedule time to watch them in your calendar, so you don't forget you have this resource)
I look forward to seeing you at one or more of the events!
Melitta Campbell
Two Building and Audience Building Events next Week
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