Summer Schoolers - Your Classroom is Now OPEN!
Yesterday, you received an email from me with your Intention Setting Workbook.
And today, your classroom is open!
You will have received an email today with all your login details. Once you receive that message, you can access Summer Business School here.
Week One is all about Creating Your Dream Future by focusing on, and specifying exactly what impact you want to create, the income you want to earn and the lifestyle you want to enjoy.
By starting with the end in mind, and then creating goals and action plans to guide your journey, you'll start to achieve more of your desired outcomes, faster and more easily.
As well as helping you dream big, I'll also provide with you tools to help you plan your steps and ensure that everything you set out to create is in full alignment with your vision, values and personality.
If you have not yet joined the Summer Business School, click here now to join us (at a very special price!).
Melitta Campbell
Summer Schoolers - Your Classroom is Now OPEN!
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