REPLAY: Confident Niching Training

I loved our Masterclass on: The Secrets of Confident Niching yesterday, and I'm not alone.

All those who were present (and those who have watched the replay already) all confirmed that it was packed with helpful insights, practical advice and in just 45 minutes significantly shifted the way they think about niching.

Want to watch? Here's the replay:

I've edited out the chit chat, long pauses and doggy disruptions, so you can enjoy all the good stuff ; )

Once you've watched, let me know in the comments what your biggest take-aways are or if you have any questions.

P.S. don't miss the podcast tomorrow when I'll be giving an extended answer to two of the questions asked during the masterclass:

1) how to attract clients when you don't have a proven reputation yet? and

2) how can you know if you've got your niche right?

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