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New Intro Vidoes for those that want to Invite more to our Community
Are you also feeling overwhelmed by AI's potential? Some of us are so tired of sales pitches and really want a little bit of genuine insight? We've got you here at Cxnnect! Our community is your go-to for navigating AI with ease and confidence, led by seasoned leaders who've mastered the sales landscape. 👉 No pressure, just pure learning and real-world applications. 👉 Connect with experienced leaders & avoid common pitfalls. 👉 Safe, supportive space for collective growth. 👉 Real results, no gimmicks. Dive into the future of AI with us and truly understand how to leverage this technology for success. Check out our intro video and see why we're the community you've been searching for. Let's explore AI's possibilities together! 🔗 Check out the video for a warmer welcome from Shane. #AICommunity #RealGrowth #NoPressure #LearnAI #JoinUsToday
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Feedback on Community Stimulation
Hey Y'all, Its Monday and we're back at it. For those that don't already know, I'm new to building community and would love suggestions on how a community like this can thrive with our members involvement. Its always better to ask so what is it that we all want to see more of to get the most value out of this community today?
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Do you use CRM?
Hello All, I'm collating info about CRM usage and would love your input. Do you use a CRM system? If you answer yes please comment which one, if no why not? Thanks in advance for your input 🙌
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New Software Discovered for Events
Hey Y’all, Day 5 isn’t much better with the flu but one thing that did make me feel a tad better is this new event software I’ve come across for online events. Take a look and let me know what you think of it for some of our upcoming events! This coming Friday, myself and @James Buckley will be hosting our first run at Skool events. This time: “FULL CYCLE A.Es” More information to follow tomorrow
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Catch up
Hey CXNNECT family, it’s been a while, how’s everyone doing, and what have you all been working on? I’ve been working on a new B2C low-ticket offer for my local family business that’s finally launching this Friday😁
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