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New Intro Vidoes for those that want to Invite more to our Community
Are you also feeling overwhelmed by AI's potential? Some of us are so tired of sales pitches and really want a little bit of genuine insight? We've got you here at Cxnnect! Our community is your go-to for navigating AI with ease and confidence, led by seasoned leaders who've mastered the sales landscape. 👉 No pressure, just pure learning and real-world applications. 👉 Connect with experienced leaders & avoid common pitfalls. 👉 Safe, supportive space for collective growth. 👉 Real results, no gimmicks. Dive into the future of AI with us and truly understand how to leverage this technology for success. Check out our intro video and see why we're the community you've been searching for. Let's explore AI's possibilities together! 🔗 Check out the video for a warmer welcome from Shane. #AICommunity #RealGrowth #NoPressure #LearnAI #JoinUsToday
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New Software Discovered for Events
Hey Y’all, Day 5 isn’t much better with the flu but one thing that did make me feel a tad better is this new event software I’ve come across for online events. Take a look and let me know what you think of it for some of our upcoming events! This coming Friday, myself and @James Buckley will be hosting our first run at Skool events. This time: “FULL CYCLE A.Es” More information to follow tomorrow
Flu Remedies: Please Share Solutions
Sorry for being quiet! I’ve caught a bug since coming back home. I’d love to know some remedies to fight this off. Any recommendations of medicine or holistic remedies that have worked for you?
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Intro / AI Agency
My brother and I run an AI automation agency. We provide systems that are completely automated. The personalization is not 1 email per time on chatgpt but is done in bulk considering real time activities of the prospects. So let's say you have 1000 prospects and you want to send a different email each: or you write them one by one which takes a lot of time and research or I can help you automate and streamline the process at scale. We also automate personalised videos for prospects, welcome emails, abandoned cart, etc. Every prospect receives a video saying with their name, products etc. Basically whatever AI can help automate for businesses at scale, we do, also chatbots.
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New Members Alert🚨
Hey CXNNECT family, we’ve got 2 new members in the building, please help me welcome @Tony Dicks and @Dominic Valentino 🎉🎉🎉 Tony and Dominic, we’d all love to know you more about you guys, so please tell us a bit more about what you do, and why you decided to join our community. Guys, The floor is yours…😎🎤
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