Briefing and visuals...what to consider! 🤔
When writing a brief for a creator it is super important to consider how the visuals will complement and enhance the messaging of your copy. Here are a few key notes to keep in mind:
Consider the mood and tone of your desired visuals!
There is nothing worse than watching an ad or TT video where the mood of the copy and the mood of the visuals are a mismatch! Consider an ad angle or TT concept that is fun and upbeat with boring copy…..YAWN 😴…SCROLL! Instead, you’d ensure your copy/script/prompts are just as energetic as the visuals you’ve planned.
Your message needs to be clearly illustrated through visuals!
Your visuals need to help illustrate and ADD VALUE to your copy. Keep in mind that many people watch videos without the audio, therefore your visuals need to tell the same message as your copy.
Keep the visuals relevant!
If your visuals don’t serve a specific purpose in your ad, cut them out. Every second counts! ⏰
Will your visuals resonate❓
It is critical that your visuals not only answer the questions of your target audience but speak directly to them. Will they be able to relate to the visuals you’ve included, can they see themselves in the ad, and more specifically can they see themselves using the product just like your creator in your video!
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