Branding on TikTok
TikTok is a very new platform that challenges a lot of the traditional branding 'rules' and encourages us to engage with customers in a whole new way.
I understand that as marketers, it can be hard to let go of our beautiful branding and high prod comfort zone, plunging into a platform that is optimised for low-fi, relatable content.
But how do we do this whilst maintaining the look and feel of a brand? Here are my main tips:
  1. Think about what trends to jump on. Just because a sound or dance is trending, doesn't mean that it's on brand for your company. Have fun with the app and what's relevant, but pick and choose where to participate and what makes the most sense for your brand.
  2. Create an archetype of your ideal customer on TikTok. What do they do on the weekends? Where do they spend their money? What type of music do they listen to? Are they full glam or natural? The more information you have on this 'person' the more you will understand what type of content is on brand for you. I would be creating content with this is mind, and letting it inform decisions on sounds, trends and overall strategy.
  3. Choose a set of fonts and colours you will use on your videos. This is an easy way to bring in some consistency to content that is typically more relaxed.
Let me know if these tips helped!
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