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This is a community for successful people wanting to improve their products, services or business operations systematically. I know that a business professional you can very well improve anything by yourself intuitively. The point of continuous improvement is to
  • improve things in a structured way to make sure your scarce resources are used sensibly. Continuous improvement methods will demonstrate the value of your improvement efforts to you.
  • improve things fairly with prioritization criteria that are mutually comparable. You want to enable everyone's voice to be heard and you also want to know who is improving what, how far are they and what's going to happen next.
  • improve things by keeping the customer in mind. For example, it's nice to improve the color of the office walls, but you should actually be improving things that have a direct customer impact.
In this community you'll learn all of this!
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Learn how to improve your products and services in a structured way, and learn new things along the way - with methods that have worked for decades!
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