Tailored Distribution: The Strategy I Use To Get An Untapped Pool of Boiling Hot Prospects To View My Content


I have no idea why people aren’t talking about this but I’m just going to give it away.

A big issue I faced when starting to make content was worrying how long it would take for my content to be recognized by the platforms algorithms I was posting on.

I always hear people saying content is a long game and needs to be played patiently which I completely understand.

But then I found a way instead of having to rely on algorithms to show my content in front of the correct audience I could strategically place my content in front of the correct audience.

So here’s how I do it in these 5 simple steps:


1- Obviously you have to know who your ideal client is or else this won’t work

2- Find Group-chats, Forums, Communities, Websites, Accounts ETC.. that have your ideal clients congregating in.

3- If it’s a YouTube video transcribe your posts and plug it into chat GPT to summarize the main point you’re speaking about in the video.

4- Take the transcription and post it on every single Forum, Community, Website, Chat that you’re apart of.

5- Make a CTA at the end of the post so people can click to watch the full video and BOOM!


Now you have a flood of targeted hot dream clients watching your content without having to rely of the algorithms of platforms to show it to them

~ Now for my call to action. If you want help growing your following online feel free to reach out and I would be more than happy to help you! ;)N


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