Learning Airtable

As someone who's never used Airtable, (or spreadsheets in general really) I've been getting more and more interested with trying to learn it in order to better understand its capabilities to apply to my specific situation. I'll confess I haven't bought Stephen's base template/kontent engine yet, and it's partly because I want to understand why things work the way they do and not have the fear of messing stuff up and not being able to fix it because I don't know how it works. So I'm wondering if any of you guys are also beginners to airtable and how you've started out learning it? I've been going through their youtube videos so far and they're alright.

I'm also aware of the fact that I have a tendency to spend tons of time setting up stuff like productivity systems/project management software etc. and never using it (thanks adhd). I feel like Airtable has more potential to actually stick due to its customizability.

So like I said I've been following their youtube videos and trying to build a dumbed-down version from scratch myself for now to get a hang of it. Kind of an all-over-the-place post; is any of that relatable for anyone?


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