Elevenlabs.io for Cloning Your Voice

Holy moly!

I just got back my "professional voice" from an AI company called elevenlabs.io.

I simply copy and pasted in the LinkedIn post I did today without editing it. There are some tweaks that need to be made for sure. Like I need to spell my last name something like "Lof lin" for it not to say "laughΒ πŸ˜‚ lin"!! And spell out "101" like "one o one" so it doesn't say "one hundred one". Oh yea, and not use funny lines like "amiright?!" because it just doesn't get that! haha

But damn! This thing is pretty much dead on.

This will save me a ton of time recording audio books, certain videos and even one of the podcasts I'm creating.

You probably don't know what I sound like but if you give this a listen you will! 😝

Have a great weekend!


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