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We are so happy to see so many people interested in becoming part of this community! Although, to be able to join you will need to answer some questions to help us check your request. Just go to "Answer questions" and wait for our approval! We are pretty quick on this process 馃槈 Thank you for your collaboration. Let's grow together! Monica




Watch this video to begin. I look forward to hearing from you in this community



Christopher McCullough
Mazharul Islam Shuvo
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Hello! 馃憢 Comp Lair: Growth Club is set to be THE community for Compositing artists that want to learn new things with other like-minded people. This is your space! Here you can... 馃敼 Talk about Compositing techniques 馃敼 Talk about Compositing careers and how to build one 馃敼 Talk about how to make $$$ as a Compositing artist and grow in a sustainable way 馃敼 Share Compositing insights, experiences, and resources 馃敼 Ask the Comp Lair team and especially the Community questions about compositing and career growth. 馃摳 It would be great if you could use a genuine photo so we can get a better sense of our community and put a face to the people we're chatting with. 馃憠 Check Pedro Andrade, the Comp Lair Co-founder talking about how to get the most out of the Comp Lair: Growth Club. This video contains important information about getting the most out of this community. 馃憠 Check the Community Guidelines here and our Rules here We are super happy to have you here 馃榾 Start sharing your valuable thoughts with all of us and let's grow together! The Comp Lair Team



Hello everybody! We just changed the level to which you will have access to our first perk on the Classroom section of the forum. This means that you can potentially have access to exclusive content quicker now! 馃檶 To get there, all you have to do is post, engage and be an insightful member of this community! You can also check your own profile to check your level and how many points you have left to reach the subsequent level. Hope this helps and it's great to have you all here!



Monica Abdurehaman
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Full coverage of the event is finally here!! 馃ぉ Enjoy!! P.S.: If you want additional information about The Next Level program, feel free to reach out directly to @Amanda Senanayake on this platform :)



Excited to share with you our plans for 2023!! 馃ぉ



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