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Hello everybody! To get the ball rolling, let's see how spread out is our community around the World in this new platform!



Monica Abdurehaman
Luis Mota
Tiago Malachias
Lukas Stolarski
François Lips
New comment 2d ago

Still on the topic of self development and awareness for professional growth, confidence plays a huge role on all of this. So, I thought I’d share this video with some tips to boost your confidence. Hope you like it!



Federico Sibella
Serhii Savenko
Tíscar Coig
New comment 6d ago

Hello everyone! Imposter Syndrome is way more common than you might think across the entire spectrum of professional development and independent of the number of years of experience someone might have. There are several well-accomplished professionals that you probably look up to that also deal with it in one way or another. One of the most important steps to deal with it is to talk about it with your peers. You will see that there's a good chance that, they too are dealing with the same! We want this platform to be a safe place for everyone, so I would encourage you to share what triggers your imposter syndrome, what goes through your mind when it kicks in and what strategies you follow to deal with it.



Roman Nikitin
Pedro Andrade
Carlos Raya
Mazharul Islam Shuvo
New comment 13d ago

Hi Everyone, I hope you're all well 😀 The other day I realised that a lot of people were sharing with me things that they were struggling with at their workplace and I found some common things in them. That made me think about our community and that we could share a bit more about what's happening and see if others have some input on things to help or just to share the feeling that we're not alone. so... What is the latest challenge you are experiencing or experienced at work? And how did you overcome that challenge if you did already! Happy sharing Monica



Genevieve Trottier
Pedro Andrade
Carlos Raya
New comment 15d ago

We are so happy to see so many people interested in becoming part of this community! Although, to be able to join you will need to answer some questions to help us check your request. Just go to "Answer questions" and wait for our approval! We are pretty quick on this process 😉 Thank you for your collaboration. Let's grow together! Monica



Hello! 👋 Comp Lair: Growth Club is set to be THE community for Compositing artists that want to learn new things with other like-minded people. This is your space! Here you can... 🔹 Talk about Compositing techniques 🔹 Talk about Compositing careers and how to build one 🔹 Talk about how to make $$$ as a Compositing artist and grow in a sustainable way 🔹 Share Compositing insights, experiences, and resources 🔹 Ask the Comp Lair team and especially the Community questions about compositing and career growth. 📸 It would be great if you could use a genuine photo so we can get a better sense of our community and put a face to the people we're chatting with. 👉 Check Pedro Andrade, the Comp Lair Co-founder talking about how to get the most out of the Comp Lair: Growth Club. This video contains important information about getting the most out of this community. 👉 Check the Community Guidelines here and our Rules here We are super happy to have you here 😀 Start sharing your valuable thoughts with all of us and let's grow together! The Comp Lair Team



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Hi, I’m Monica! I'm a UX Designer looking to become a full-time Workshopper and facilitator! I'm also the Co-founder and Product Manager at Comp Lair.

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