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🧢 Skool hats just dropped on the merch store...
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New feature: Facebook pixel tracking
Imagine running Facebook and Instagram ads directly to your group with perfect conversion tracking. Imagine if you could retarget people who visit your groups about page. Now you can... Introducing the "Meta pixel tracking" plugin — track page views, membership requests, and purchases. Everything you need to grow your free or paid group with ads. But does the Skool about page actually convert? @Evelyn Weiss has been running FB/IG ads to a well optimized ClickFunnels landing page for years. She tested the same ads to her Skool about page in a true A/B test — her Skool about page beat her custom funnel. (and we haven't even optimized it yet). Need help connecting your Meta pixel? Watch this tutorial video for instructions. Enjoy 🎉
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Drag and drop reorder media on about page
A small quality of life improvement 🙂
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Introducing dark mode 🕶️
Now you can use skool in dark mode on your computer and phone. Turn it on/off in your settings. It's not as polished as light mode, that's why it's called "Dark mode (beta)". We know a bunch of you want it, so we figured we'd ship it early and get your feedback. Enjoy 🎉
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Recording of Skool Games Opening Ceremony
Today at 9am PST marked the official start of the Skool Games. To celebrate we hosted an Opening Ceremony with Hormozi. We chatted about online business, lit an olympic torch, then screen shared the Skool Games leaderboard to see who was winning. @Tyler Newman came out on top after 30 minutes. Watch recording: Enjoy!
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