May '23 (edited) in Bug Reports
Video Timestamps not working correctly
A feature I love is being able to write Timestamps under the videos so the user can go directly to the hour:minute:seconds of the video.
Before, when writing 20:00, the user went to the 20th minute.
No, its sends the user the 20th second.
I tried writing it like 00:20:00, and it also sends the user to the 20th second.
01:20:00 works correctly and sends teh user to the 20th minute of the first hour.
But 00:20:00 sends him to the 20th second (not minute).
It didn't work like this before. Did you change something?
Is it a bug, or do I need to write ten timestamps diffrently now (I hope not or I'll need to make a shit ton of edits).
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