Help - how to use Skool for both 30-day Course and a Q&A membership?
Hi all. I am running a 30 day course to help people improve their health by optimising their circadian rhythm (for 97/month)
My first month I have 24 paying members which I'm very happy with.
But I also have a podcast and YouTube following with a range of other health, nutrition & regenerative farming topics. I want to offer a Q&A membership separate to the circadian course for 20/month for general curious people who want to ask questions and participate in a video Q&A and support my work but not have any access to circadian (or other) course material.
What is the best way to implement this using Skool?
I suspect there is a much larger group of potential members that would get value out of a product like this but I am unsure exactly how to execute.
Many thanks in advance for your answers.
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